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Desiccants India being OEM Manufacturer can meet your requirements for the following types of desiccants / Silica Gel :

    container dry

DESICCANT SILICA GEL SACHETS:                         [Click for Enquiry]





SILICA GEL CANISTERS                         [Click for Enquiry]
Desiccant canisters have unique application in pharmaceutical industry. The cylindrical shape is best suited for high speed insertion. The unique shape of the canister prevents it from accidental ingestion. The canister range of sizes easily accommodates most bottle sizess. Also it is the most widely accepted desiccant type used in the pharmaceutical industry.

DESICCANT CLAY SACHETS                         [Click for Enquiry]
If you enjoy growing, gathering, or drying your own herbs, gourmet mushrooms, flowers, or fruits and vegetables then you understand the importance of preservation technique. Nothing is more disappointing than finding that your favorite herb or gourmet mushroom has moulded while in storage. Here desicant clay is very useful.

SPECIAL CONTAINER DESICCANTS                         [Click for Enquiry]
Contain desiccant clay and other absorbents for high absorbency.
Moisture absorbed is converted into water and collected in side the bag so that moisture is not released from the desiccant if the temperature is more than 40degrees in side the containers.

BULK SILICA GEL                         [Click for Enquiry]
Round beads (pearl shape) and Irregular shape Non indicating White Type: Silica gel is a grainy porous transparent substance with a good surface area for adsorption of water and organic/gaseous molecules. Adsorbs 2540% moisture by weight depending upon the humidity, it attains saturation after absorption to its maximum capacity.
Indicating (Blue) Type: In this type all the particles of Silica Gel are impregnated with an indicator. When free from moisture the particles are blue. As they are put to use, the particles take up moisture, Silica Gel gradually turns pink and gives a ready indication that it has done. Its work and requires replacement or regeneration.

Silica Gel is a highly activated adsorbent, furnished in a wide range of mesh sizes to suit various industrial applications. It is non-corrosive, ordoriess, tasteless, non-toxic, and chemi cally inert. It is a highly porous form of silica, with an extremely large internal surface area. The silica gel does not undergo any chemical reaction during adsorption and does not form any by products. It is non-deliquescent and will not change its size or shape. Even when the silica gel is water saturated, it remains dry and free-flowing.

Silica Gel has a very strong affinity for water and will adsorb it in preference to most other substances. It is also a good adsorbent for HC1, gasoline-range hydrocarbons, CO2, C12, sulphur and nitrogen compounds, aromatics, and many others. Silica Gel is in wide use in many industries for a myriad number of applications where a high capacity desiccant or selective adsorbent is required.

The above products are free from foreign impurities such as Chlorides, Sulphates and organic matter and have high absorption efficiency.

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